Generational Healing for the Family: Medicine Making Series (No Kit) + Drop In Options

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Join Chelsea (@sunmoon.rising) and Kayla (@freselfcreations) for a month long of medicine making that can support and balance your family and generations to come. Learn how to holistically heal minor cuts and wounds, stop flu symptoms, and keep the immunity of the household high vibrational. This is a four part class series where we will learn how to make medicinal oil, syrups, tinctures and milks.  Our thyme together will be spent learning the properties of plants and their best preparations.  Since sickness is often a manifestation of a spiritual imbalance, we will also be diving into how we can spiritually use herbs to uplift our family. 


There are two full price ticket options. One includes herbs and some materials to use throughout the duration of the class, and the other ticket comes with the class and no medicine making kit.  

Interested in just one or two classes? Check out our drop in class options. 

Class Descriptions 

  • Herbal Oil  - Herbal oils are truly game changers. Not only do they provide maximum moisture, but they can be used as first aid to heal minor cuts, wounds, and burns. Together, we will go over the basis of herbal oil preparation and make our own oil together. We will discuss how we can use this oil medicinally, but also how we can spiritually rub our intentions on our vessel. 
  • Herbal Syrup  - Before there was NyQuil, our ancestors were using antitussive herbs to stop coughs and boost the immune system with vitamin C. Together we will be making our own herbal syrup and discussing how plants have always been wise elders in our lives.  
  • Medicinal Milks  - Medicinal milks can of course be made with milk substitutions, but it is a nutritious and delicious menstruum for spicy or bitter herbs. This is a great way for children to enjoy herbs and so soothing for one’s inner child. Together, we will make a medicinal milk using  herbs sometimes found in our kitchen cabinet to make the perfect medicinal milk that can support one’s immune system. 
  • Herbal Tincture - Tinctures have become my best friend as they are medicines that can travel with you wherever you go. Tinctures are concentrated medicinal extractions that can be used short or long term to support the body. Together we will be making a herbal tincture which will serve us as fever reducer, pain reliever, and can be spirit dosed to conjure some inner courage. 


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Classes will be held on Zoom, and you will receive a Zoom Link upon purchase. 

Classes will be held every Sunday afternoon starting December 1st (exact thyme TBD). 

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