“The Love Frequency” Handmade Hoops

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Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. But this crystal will not just throw you unwisely into a relationship. Instead, Rose Quartz will prepare you to presently give and receive love. To receive the joy of being with Self. It will support your clarity about your boundaries, desired environments, and self worth. It’s the perfect crystal to charge with affirmations. 


Eye am nourished by my boundaries. 

Crystal Key 

  • Citrine - personal power, creativity
  • Tourmaline - protection, transmutation
  • Lapis Lazuli- focus, meditation 
  • Rose Quartz- self love, compassion 
  • Green Adventurine- health, detox 
  • Aquamarine - intuition, different path 

Product Details 

Gold wire handmade hoops with crystals and ankh pendant. 

Shipping and Refunds

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