Intentional Waistbeads

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Waistbeads are sacred waist adornment yielding support and balance to a human's journey. This tradition comes  from a West African tradition of adulthood, and is intended for the healing of African and Black descendants. Please consider this tradition identity before buying.  

This product comes with an intentional waistbead using an oracle divination. Eye use an divination system that Eye created and aligns with moon medicine. The divination will inspire which colors, crystals, numerology, and charms are appropriate for the intentional set. Eye will share the divination with you so please leave an email address or Instagram name which Eye can contact you. 

All intentional waistbeads will be created beginning each nu moon, and shipped around the full moon. They will be anointed with lunar oil and prayers. 

Eye will also need the measurement of your waist by inches. Please refer to this chart to guide your desired waistbeads fit. Eye usually recommend the low waist for ultimate comfort and flexibility. 

image of body and lines indicating multiple waist measurements such as high waist, middle waist, low waist


  • The string is made with nylon. 
  • The beads are a variation of plastic and glass seed beads, crystals, and metal charms.  
  • The waistbead is intended for permanent wear and will required to be tied for secure stay.
  • Instructions and personal ritual included.
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