Crystal Bracelets

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Crystal bracelets have always been used in indigenous cultures to protect and bless the wrist and arm of someone with their hand in an important role. Whether for war or for writing the true story of the World, the crystal bracelets amplified our work and intentions. We still use bracelets today to express ourselves, but we can still use them to compliment our purpose work. 

Rainbow Moonstone - stimulate and activate all chakras, assisting nu inner journeys, seeing desires clearly, releasing expectations, staying light 

Chrysocolla - communicating clearly in the most difficult situations, keeping your cool in stressful changes, speaking your truth without being offensive, vulnerability with ancestors

Sodalite  - receiving messages from ancestors and guides, assist you in your alchemy studies, honoring own sense of inner discipline, seeing the truth clearly, deepening your definition of love

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Crystal beaded bracelet size 7 in fits medium size wrist. 

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