"Eye Receive" Vibrational Water

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Vibrational waters hold memory that when used can counteract low vibrational moments. This water specifically holds the intention of receiving. This is an aura spray is folks who often start their day worrying, carrying the burden of the World, and do plenty of work with no thank yous. When using this spray, affirm that you receive love in all shapes and messages.


Spray around aura (1-2 feet away from face) when 

  • You are feeling restless or would like to recall your dreams. Spray before you sleep.  
  • You are feeling a lack of abundance of love. Spray and journal how you feel. 
  • You are feeling overworked. Spray your sacred space, drink some tea, and receive.  

Product Details 

2 oz liquid spray not to be used internally. Smells warm and sweet. 

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