Rebirth Elixir

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This is a vibrational medicine to support those of us who struggle with loving all parts our past and inner child and this could be blocking a needed rebirth. This elixirs allows one to find grace, love, and medicine from their past and carry on intentionally mothering self. This supports breaking toxic cycles of self sabotage and supports authentic and creative habits. This allows us to see our stories in a nu light by seeing the full divine picture. 

Directions: Take 1 dropper full or "spirit dose" as needed. Comes in a 2 oz bottle. 

Ingredients: Garden Sage, raspberry fruit, rum, honey. 
Please check with your health care practitioner before consuming any herbal medicines especially if you are pregnant, nursing, immune compromised, or already on over the counter or prescribed medicines. These products may contain honey which is not suitable for children under 1 years old.

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